Tricks Shop Safely With Credit Card

Create Strong Passwords

While this may not be news to you, it is still an important piece of advice you must keep in mind. The password is one facility that allows you to access your funds. Most cards are compromised due to the fact that the password can be easily deciphered. Creating a stronger password will help eliminate this problem. You can make your passwords stronger by using a mix of complex, upper case, lower case, letters, numbers and symbols. As far as possible use a unique password whenever you can.

Opt for chip indented card

Another way that credit cards are compromised is through compromised card readers, wherein which, your card data is collected as the magnetic strip on your card is being swiped. That includes the password you use, as well as the account being accessed, as the data on the magnetic strip does not change. Unlike these traditional magnetic strip cards, the EMV card which is chipped cards, use a unique transaction code which cannot be used again. In the event, a hacker managed to steal the information from a specific point of sale; the chip cannot be easily duplicated.

Track your credit card statements

While the data on your credit card can be easily compromised when you use it, it can also be compromised when you don’t use it. In other words, transactions which you have not authorised may be made from your card. But how do you know when and where your card is being used? This can be done by tracking your card statements. With each transaction you make, the date, time and location will be recorded. Review it in details when you can. You will notice if any unauthorised transactions have been made without your consent. You can even sign up for alerts, thereby alerting you if any transactions have been made.